Drawez! Cartoon Drawing Software

Drawez! Cartoon Drawing Software 1.0

Draw your own cartoons with freehand style and export them as video or flash
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Drawez! Cartoon Drawing Software is a very useful application that allows you to draw your own cartoons. It includes different themes with images that may be used as reference for your cartoon drawing. You just have to select a theme and then the image of your preference. The selected image will be shown in the working area as a watermark. You can use the Edit option to adjust the scale and the position for the reference image. Besides, you can browse your computer and load your own image.

Now that you have loaded the reference image you can begin to make your cartoon drawing. At the top of the working area are different tools that can be used to create your cartoon. With the pen tool you will be able to make a freehand drawing. You can adjust the color, width, and the opacity of the pen. You can also use the eraser to eliminate something that you have drawn or use the undo or redo options.

The program will save the sequence of everything you paint on the working area. So, you can use the Replay option to view step by step what you have painted.

After you have finished your drawing, you will be able to save your project and export it as image, video or flash file.

To export your cartoon drawing as image you can use any of the supported image files: png, tif, bmp, jpg, ppm, xpm, ico, and pgm. If you export it as movie or flash file, you will be able to adjust the width, height, play speed, and frame rate.

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  • Export your cartoons as video or flash file
  • You can use different predefined images and import your own images as reference for your cartoons


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